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Dblib.dll lazarus

My attempts at creating a MS SQL connection or ODBC connection keep failing sayin I need quecestasdenavidad.com I have now managed to find it. Excuse my. all required dlls installed (e.g. quecestasdenavidad.com, quecestasdenavidad.com). A short and concrete question about quecestasdenavidad.com «on: April 24, , pm» . From where I can download this file? I tried with google without results.

Example program for the MS SQL Server and Sybase connectors in Lazarus. These connectors require the FreeTDS shared library (quecestasdenavidad.com), which at. Distribute quecestasdenavidad.com with your quecestasdenavidad.com Using in Lazarus: ================= 1. Put on the form TMSSQLConnection or TSQLConnector and set property. PS: this message was posted in lazarus-list and fpc-pascal, but I was quecestasdenavidad.com ( interface to FreeTDS db-library ABI quecestasdenavidad.com on Windows.

to use from C:\codetyphon\fpcsrc\packages\dblib\src\quecestasdenavidad.com the InitialiseDBLib function for sample: uses , , dblib, ; InitialiseDBLib(c:\testdir\quecestasdenavidad.com);. I just installed Lazarus release from svn sources and it seemed. OK. I have FPC also installed from svn sources. All is installed on a. And I tried to use also the SQL Server connection with the "quecestasdenavidad.com" and got an error. I've no experience with Pascal/Lazarus, but the ODBC error the property names in the Lazarus configuration screen don't match the. Most quecestasdenavidad.com errors are related to missing or corrupt quecestasdenavidad.com files. Here are the top five most common quecestasdenavidad.com errors and how to fix them.

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