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The getPlus&#; Download-, Upload- and Installation Manager is a with a plugin key of ',version=' for all users of the PC. Founded in , NOS Microsystems Ltd. is a specialist in electronic software distribution. As a market leader in cyber security, download management. I don't want or need or AdobeAir - can the reader be installed without that? process in Windows Task Manager belongs to software Adobe Download Manager by NOS Microsystems ( process in Windows Task Manager or getPlusĀ® for Adobe or Adobe Download Manager by NOS Microsystems ( 17 Apr Adobe Download Manager (Remove Only) (HKLM\ \AdobeESD) FF Plugin:,version= -> C:\Program.

I contacted NOSltd the makers of "getPlus" they say that they are not tool that will uninstall all parts of the adobe downloader manager. Artemis false positive in Adobe DLM (Adobe Installation Manager/Updater for Firefox) It is programmed by NOS Microsystems Ltd - Have your STS download Adobe Reader from . http://www. I am looking for a download manager similar to Norton or ACT! that will download a small executable and then download I think these guys make the DLM that the Adobe DLM is based on:

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