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It's only available in a free “lite” version at the moment, but iPhone and iPod Touch owners with OBD-II WLAN devices may want to take a look. Hi all—we know you've been itching for updates. Rev is unfortunately not our day job, and we sincerely apologize for falling behind on both the app and our. DevToaster is an iPhone & iPad design and development studio based in beautiful San Their popular automotive application Rev, is the first and best- selling.

DevToaster has created an app called Rev that reads information straight from the OBD-II port on your car and displays it on your iPhone. Did a search and didn't find anything on here about the Rev app. Here is the PLX Kiwi Wifi and DevToaster Rev iPhone app in BMW Z3. DevToaster's Rev has been compared to having a driving instructor joining you in your car for every single ride! Although this driving instructor.

Pet-Remote works in combination with a free iPhone App and communicates with Bluetooth Smart. Pet-Remote is no shock-collar - it definitely won't hurt your. Rev is THE premier iOS application for auto enthusiasts. Rev monitors, records, and displays real-time data by interacting with your car's onboard diagnost. Well I am breaking both of those rules today and for good reason. A few months ago I discovered a 40 iPhone app by DevToaster called Rev.

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