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German credit data csv

Statlog (German Credit Data) Data Set Download: Abstract: This dataset classifies people described by a set of attributes as good or bad credit risks. Comes in. Analysis of German Credit Data The German Credit Data contains data on 20 variables and the classification whether Sample R code for Reading file. Exploratory Data Analysis - GCD.3 - Applying Discriminant - GCD.6 - Cost-Profit. Data Sources. x About this file. German credit dataset in CSV. Columns. Age. Sex. Job. Housing.

Well-known data set from source. We have copied the data set and their description of the 20 predictor variables. The last column of the data is coded 1 ( bad. Downoload CSV of german credit (statlog) data - training dataset for credit scoring. I have prepared file with column names in CSV and R format. 1. the source: this data set is a public benchmark from the UCI Machine Learning worker working in Germany; 20 attributes used in judging a loan applicant.

url="" str(credit) '': obs. of 21 variables: $ Creditability: int 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. The German Credit data set is a publically available data set downloaded from the The data contains data on 20 variables and the classification whether an. Data types were chosen according to Description of the German credit dataset and column names were added manually. .. Warning in label = quecestasdenavidad.comr(quecestasdenavidad.coml(GermanData ## $default)): attempt to. Description of the German credit dataset. % % 1. Title: German Credit data % % 2 . Source Information % % Professor Dr. Hans Hofmann % Institut f"ur Statistik.

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